Stories in a daily meal

By the storyteller Ambra Tosto.

Ambra, the constant gardener
Ambra, the constant gardener

A student room in a Dutch town, not too big not too small.. Just a town, surrounded by a belt of   warehouses, little factories  and by a  highway ring…I look down at the table and I realize that I can tell  the story of every single ingredient of the meal in front of me.
A luxurious situation nowadays, if you live in a town, where most of what we eat passes through an endless chain of anonymous hands, boxes, trucks, shelves and shopping bags.
But my meal, today, is the condensed result of droplets of urban sustainability.

Here I tell you its stories:

The soup
The soup is a bright green cream, the kind of soup a kid would hate.
It is made of lovage and beet leaves that come from a fun and messy student vegetable garden, spinach freshly picked from one of the buckets in my terrace, a little experiment of urban gardening, and nettles that grow everywhere for free!

The baked eggs
The hens that laid the eggs live approximately 200m away from my house in a garden/small didactic farm around an old windmill.

The bread
I make it almost every week mixing flour, water and sour dough.I bought the flour in the weekly farmer market, organic Dutch wheat wind-mill-grounded in a close-by village.
The sour dough, however, that works as yeast, is the ingredient with the longest story, a story of many many careful hands that kept it alive, feeding it new flour every week, for 150 years!

the messy student garden :)
the messy student garden :)

Written by the storyteller Ambra Tosto.


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