Sustainability – stories and facets

As I mentioned here, I did my thesis on “how sustainable is sustainable planning?”.

While researching, for months I dived deep into academic literature . In order to make sense out of what I was reading, I came up with the image of the Dodecahedron of Sustainability and of Sustainable Planning.

We all learn in high school about Platonic solids: the cube, the pyramid, and those with complicated names and many sides. These sides are also called facets.

When dealing with the concept of sustainability, one is confronted with its many facets.
This is how I envisioned  it in my thesis the concept of Sustainable Planning:
sustainable planning_dodecahedron_small
Then, I described in detail, each one of those aspects.

The image of the dodecahedron, the 12-faced solid, serves to convey the multitude of  aspects, understandings and points of view that lie behind the sustainability concept.

In this blog I intend to portray the same idea, but by telling stories.

The criteria used is:

– people/projects/ideas that I find extremely interesting and inspiring,
– to be somehow connected to sustainability.

This is how I think the dodecahedron of sustainability stories might look like:
sustainability stories
Let’s start it!


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